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Photovoltaic Safety Issues

When there is an emergency, be it on a residential or a commercial PV installation, it is important to be able to quickly and carefully shut down the entire system without having to figure out how the system works. At Iluminacion.co we use Solaredge automatic rapid shutdown technology to bring the entire system to safe voltage level in less than 10 seconds, by simply disconnecting the circuit on the AC or DC side. Our installations have all this is built in, without the need for any additional and costly rapid shutdown devices as is common with other string inverters.

Floatavoltaics are Coming!

Floatavoltaics are a simple concept, have a large body of water covered with floating Solar Panels. Generate energy from a renewable source and treat contaminated water bodies at the same time. These have been pioneered in Europe and have proven to make a large cost saving on the land purchase.

Entire Building Solar

Due to advances in Solar Cells and CIGS film technology, you can now turn all exterior surface areas of a building into a large solar array, more area covered equals more energy produced CIGS film technology is not new but it has recently become more cost effective and its uses have expanded into Solarpanel Building surface area (see image above) and also into Solar Roads (see below)

Solar Air Conditioning

Yes thats right, Air conditioning without the elecricity cost. Simply connect to Solar Panels and the Air Conditioning system will continue to function during the day. Require Air Conditioning at night? Simply add battery packs to keep the Air conditioning on until the sun rises again. Simple and Cool! We are current evaluating these units for commercial and residential application in Colombia.
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